Youth Employment UK

Type: Charity

Founded: 2012

Employees: 60

Who are we?

Youth Employment UK CIC (YEUK) is the national campaigning and membership organisation working hard to tackle youth unemployment.

We are independent, impartial and totally committed to creating a Youth Friendly UK.

Our aims:

•To provide a platform for young people to have a voice on youth employment issues that affect them.

•To empower young people to use the information and inspiration available to them and to develop their skills and networks to help them progress.

•To support organisaitons working in the youth employment space by providing an impartial platform for them to communicate, share best practice and network.

•To campaign and influence policy on the issues and barriers that affect our members.

Why and how?

Why do we do it?

Youth unemployment has been a major issue in the UK since 2011 where the number of young people not in education, employment or training reached one million; that is nearly 1 in 5 young people NEET! 

For young people unemployment can have a damaging social and emotional impact.  Long-term youth unemployment has serious consequences for our economy too.

Although youth unemployment is falling at YEUK we want to see every young person be given the opportunity to be successful and that’s right at the heart of our work.

How does YEUK do it?

  • Local and national campaigns
  • Work with government
  • Share information
  • Networking
  • Connecting the dots
  • Youth Friendly badge

We work with young people, employers, training organisations and youth partners to look at the issues facing young people and employers and then we lobby government to make the changes our members want to see.

As a membership organisation young people join YEUK for free and can then make sure that through us government will listen to them.  Our young members also get a copy of our brilliant e-Magazine packed with careers help and inspiration and can attend events and meet our supporters, helping them to connect the dots!

Organisations can join YEUK and benefit from networking, campaigning and the sharing of information, membership can help them help more young people.

The Youth Friendly badge is our flagship campaign, we want to help all employers of all sizes support young people in their communities.  The Youth Friendly badge is given to those employers who are doing that, to recognise their commitment and to encourage others to get involved.

What are the issues and how to get involved...

What are the issues for young people?

There has been lots of policy changes, initiatives and programmes created to tackle youth unemployment, but they have not been very well joined up and it can be hard for young people to access the services or help that they need.

Rarely do government policies or youth employment initiatives take into account the views of young people even the policies that are for young people.

Good quality, inspirational careers education has become a lottery and if you find yourself with no support choosing a career or education pathway or even looking for employment can be overwhelming. Young people tell us that if they had had better careers information they would have been better prepared for the journey to work. 

A major barrier for young people looking for employment is lack of experience, many employers look to recruit people with experience, so it’s a catch 22 you can’t get work experience without work experience.

For young people by young people

We have a growing number of ambassadors (young volunteers who are passionate about youth employment) who work with us on campaigns, events and even write for our monthly magazine.  Our ambassadors are changing the way employers see young people and work with other young people in their communities to help them into employment.

We are working on a number of regional campaign groups to put young people at the core of a youth friendly community.  Employers, schools, councils, youth organisations, MP’s and young people working together to support their youth community.

Get involved...

Employer, youth organisation, school, college, university or young person we hope that you will connect with us and join our growing membership; together we can do more to tackle youth unemployment for good!

Did you know?

  • YEUK asks young people what they think about youth unemployment and the polcies that government are working on then we go and share their views with government
  • YEUK ambassadors are all volunteers and run amazing events and activities
  • YEUK created the free Youth Friendly badge so that every employer who supports young people can be recognised
  • Nicky Morgan MP the Minister for Education has the Youth Friendly badge
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