Agriculture and Food Science Technician

What is an Agriculture and Food Science Technician?

An agriculture and food science technician is someone who analyses food products and tries to find ways of producing more food and improving its quality. 

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What does an Agriculture and Food Science Technician do?

An agricultural and food science technician will normally:

  • Assist agricultural and food scientists
  • Check the quality of food and agricultural products
  • Improve the way livestock are bred, as well as improving the amount and quality of agricultural output, in order to produce more food of a better quality
  • Assist with animal breeding and work out ways to prevent and cure illnesses in animals
  • Work on the quality control and packaging of food
  • Help develop technology used to produce and transport food
  • Study plants as well as the weather, soil conditions and pests that may hinder the production of crops
  • Study the genomes of plants in order to come up with agricultural systems that can survive in extreme conditions
  • Conduct tests and write reports 
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How much could I earn?

Average salary


Example: Biological scientists and biochemists, 2013

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How to become an Agriculture and Food Science Technician

First of all, you need to do well in science subjects at school and then go on to get some form of higher qualification in food science or a subject related to it.

Most technicians then come out of college or university and start as trainees, learning on the job and working their way up through the company.

Another way of doing it is to become a lab technician and work towards further qualifications while you are employed in that role. You will need GCSEs to do that, though.

Apprenticeships in the food industry are available.  

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