Agile Project Manager

What is an Agile Project Manager?

Agile project managers are in charge of “Agile” projects, which are focused on spontaneity, flexibility and collaborating with the client to make an ideal product. Agile is a fun process which involves a lot of teamwork and everyone having their say – it’s challenging but very rewarding.

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What does an Agile Project Manager do?

An Agile project manager normally spends their time:

  • Overseeing a project that's run according to the “Agile” principle
  • Working with the team to help it achieve more
  • Making sure that a quality product is delivered
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How much could I earn?

Average salary


Example: IT project and programme managers, 2013

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How to become an Agile Project Manager

This is a job for managers who really know their stuff so you'll need some previous experience as a project manager. You’ll ideally have at least two years’ experience and in a related industry.

It might also help your application if you have some experience on a high profile project. Or if you've got some other experience within the relevant industry or you already work for the company advertising the position in a less senior role.

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