Advertising Account Manager

What is an Advertising Account Manager?

Advertising account managers work for an advertising agency to bring all the parts together to get an advert made. They make decisions about prices, work rates, final sketches for ads and sometimes lead their own team to develop exciting new ad campaigns that everyone will remember for years to come. They also meet with clients to ensure their needs are being met and attend conferences to keep up to date with their connections. 

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What does an Advertising Account Manager do?

Advertising account managers usually:

  • Plan their advertising campaigns by gathering information about the product or company
  • Decide whether the ad should be broadcast on the radio, TV, online or in newspapers or on billboards
  • Meet with clients to help develop their advertisement
  • Negotiate contracts and decide on things like pricing and hiring of new staff
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What skills are important?

  • Enterprising

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    Recommended: 100%
  • Business

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    Recommended: 100%
  • Sales

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    Recommended: 100%
  • Working indoors all the time

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    Recommended: 96%
  • Dependability

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    Recommended: 94%
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How much could I earn?

Average salary


Example: Advertising accounts managers and creative directors, 2013

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How to become an Advertising Account Manager

Employers are likely to notice a person’s outgoing personality, creative manner and quick thinking rather than qualifications they may have. But having a BTEC HND or a degree in any of a wide variety of subjects (think: advertising, marketing, statistics or operational research, communication and media studies, business or management or psychology) are definitely worth considering. Entry requirements for these courses vary, so check with your local college or university. 

You might be able to start in a junior role within a small agency if you have no qualifications and rise through the ranks as you gain experience, or you could seek to do work experience or get a placement/internship with an advertising company and show them your personal qualities. 

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