Acoustic Engineer at Thales

What is an Acoustic Engineer?

Acoustic engineers design, develop and maintain acoustic transducers that help crew aboard ships and submarines navigate their environment.

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What does an Acoustic Engineer do?

Acoustic engineers help to create and maintain sonar equipment. They will:

  • Work on naval equipment
  • Conduct acoustic research
  • Support on the development of acoustic transducers from start to finish 
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Is an engineering career right for me?

Are you interested in how things work? Do you have a passion for technology systems? If you do, then becoming an acoustic engineer might be a great fit for you

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How to become an Acoustic Engineer

Science and maths are really important for this role so you’ll probably need a maths and a science subject at A-level to earn a place on an engineering course at university. To become an acoustic engineer you’ll need a 2:1 degree in a relevant engineering subject.

Once you’ve completed your degree you’ll need to know how to use simulation and modelling software. It will help to have experience of designing acoustic transducers (sonar equipment). 

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