GSCE Options Advice - Guide to choosing GCSEs

See GCSE options explained, plus advice on how to make the best GCSE choices for you. For parents and teachers we have additional special resources.

What are GCSE options?

GCSEs are the main qualification that you do in year 10 and 11 (although some schools do start in year 9). You have to do GCSEs in English, Maths and Science but the rest you can choose yourself (although some schools may have other subjects that you'll have to do as well).

Not sure what your GCSE choices could lead to, and what doors they could open? Get some extra inspiration - play the Plotr Game to find career ideas that match your interests.

If you are a parent, please see Your child's education and careers options: A parents guide for everything you need to know about the GCSE choice-making process.

Browse Careers

Find an apprenticeship

Visit the Government's Find An Apprenticeship website where you can find and apply for apprenticeships across the UK. Watch their videos, too!

Download educational posters

Teachers and career advisers:Download free educational posters to show some of the careers relating to GCSE options.

Play the Plotr Game

Play the Plotr Game to see what careers with apprenticeships - or other routes into the role - might inspire you.

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