Combine volunteering with youth employment activism - meet Alexa Moore, YEUK Young Ambassador!

Combine volunteering with youth employment activism - meet Alexa Moore, YEUK Young Ambassador!

How can you combine volunteering, building your CV and tackling youth unemployment? Find out with Alexa Moore, volunteer Young Ambassador with YEUK!

Youth Employment UK's Ambassadors are amazing young people all over the UK. They're amazing because they mix volunteering (and we all know how awesome volunteering is for your CV) with meeting youth employment issues head-on. Strong stuff!

Alexa-Jane won Ambassador of the Year 2014 (oh, and she came up with the 6-step S.T.A.R.R.S. interview method, too). Let's hear more about what volunteering with YEUK did for her. Maybe it could be perfect for your CV and future, too!

Name: Alexa-Jane Moore

Age: 23

Occupation: YEUK Ambassador and Education Mentor

Location: Worcestershire

Need to know: Alexa-Jane won Ambassador of the Year 2014 at the YEUK awards

“My academic journey…”

  • 1st BA (Hons) in Accounting
  • Studying towards a PG Cert in Coaching and Mentoring and NVQ L4 in IAG
  • Member of the CDI (Career Development Institute)

“Why I became a YEUK Ambassador”

I became an Ambassador as I want to be a careers adviser, so I need to build on my experiences in this area. YEUK enables young people to gain experiences relevant to their career, while helping other young people. I like that the idea is mutualistic.

“In my time as a YEUK Ambassador, I’m most proud of…”

I am most proud of the YEUK Regional Event I organised. With funding I gained from O2's Think Big, I organised an event to help young people improve their employability. It had ten organisations and fifty young people. It included a panel element, team building exercise and presentations from employers… and an MP was also in attendance.

I had really positive feedback from the young people and employers.

“My top careers resources tip is…”

Read useful magazines, from organisations such as Plotr and Bright Futures. They tell you about local networking events and give you helpful hints and tips from people who have experienced things first-hand.

“My top careers seeking tip is…”

Use Twitter and LinkedIn for hidden jobs (Plotr tip: You can also check out our article, can social media really get you a job?)

“I think a key employment issue for young people is…”

A key employment issue is that, from an employer’s point of view:

  • young people either have qualifications but not enough experience
  • or they have the experience but not the qualifications

Competition is so fierce and it’s a catch 22 situation.

“A solution I’d like to see is…”

I would like to see more promotion of apprenticeships. When I was at school, I was directed towards college/university as I was a 'clever’ student. I wish I had done an apprenticeship. They seem to be viewed in the wrong light and this needs to change.

How to volunteer with YEUK

The YEUK Ambassadors are young volunteers working together all around the country to secure a better careers future for UK youth. They network together, support each other and do it for the sheer love of it. They’re young people just like you, and MPs and local businesses are listening to them. YOU CAN JOIN THEM.

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