Network Rail

Network Rail

Type: Public

Founded: 2002

Employees: 35,000

Industry: Engineering and Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

Network Rail is at the heart of revitalising Britain's railway. From the rejuvenation of Kings Cross station and the expansion of Thameslink, to Europe's largest civil engineering project Crossrail – we’re involved in some of the most ambitious and diverse ventures the UK has ever seen.

We look after the railway on which operating companies run their trains. We’re accountable for 30,000 bridges, tunnels and embankments, 20,000 miles of track and thousands of signals.

Britain’s railway has been growing for 150 years, without significant renewal. And yet it’s required to carry more freight and passengers than ever before. We anticipate up to 400 million more passenger journeys by as soon as 2020.

So we’re building the railway of the future - a better railway for a better Britain. We’re making sure ever more passengers and freight consignments travel safely and arrive on time, every time. We’ll be at the heart of a thriving, low carbon economy where people, places and businesses are better connected than ever before.

Advanced Apprenticeship

Welcome to your classroom. And an epic career journey.

Expert training. Thousands of pounds in your pocket. And a lifetime of engineering possibilities. When you’re transforming Britain’s vast railway network, you get more than just an education. Over three fascinating, surprising, career-advancing years as an apprentice, you’ll gain the kind of skills that can set you up for life.

Whichever career path you choose, you'll be working to transform this vast network of rail, signals, electrified lines and telecommunications to get them ready for the future. And all the while you’ll be building experience that will set you up for the future too.

Track, Signalling, Electrification & Plant, Telecoms and Overhead Lines are all vital to the running of our network. We offer three-year apprenticeships leading to rewarding careers in each of these areas. We’ll help you choose the right career path for you during the assessment process.

About the scheme

As an Advanced Apprentice at Network Rail, you get more than just an education, you have three amazing years. The first six months is spent living and learning at our flagship training centre in the Midlands, the next 30 months working from a local depot. Specialising in Electrification & Plant, Overhead Lines, Signalling, Telecoms or Track you’ll receive expert training. Hands-on projects and dedicated support will ensure you gain the kind of skills that can set you up for life. It’s the beginning of an epic career journey that can lead on to diverse career options, including the chance to study for further qualifications such as HNC, Foundation Degree, BEng, MSC and CEng.

Pay & Benefits

An Advanced Apprenticeship means the chance to earn a real wage while you learn. We pay you £8,618 during your first year, plus £1,150 for successful completion. This rises to £12,055 in the second year and £14,364 in the third year. What’s more, during your first six months at the Westwood training centre , we'll pay for your accommodation, three meals a day, your work clothing and personal safety equipment. On top of all this, you'll get 28 days of holiday, plus bank holidays. , Christmas and Easter holidays. During the scheme, you can claim all our company benefits too, such as discounted train travel to and from work and a pension.


The Difference is You

Join us and you'll have enormous scope to progress your career, while helping to influence Britain's rail infrastructure, transport network and economy into the 22nd century.

Variety Unlimited

Join us as a graduate, and you’ll quickly see that there’s much, much more to our organisation than you might have imagined. While we’re responsible for 40,000 bridges and viaducts, 20,000 miles of track and thousands of signals, we’re definitely not only about rail.

The breadth and depth of our work

We’re one of the largest land and property owners in the country. We manage 18 of the biggest stations in Britain, transforming their hidden corners into thriving shops, cafés and bars. We’re turning disused archways into new homes for start-ups and even rolling out our own click and collect service called Doddle. Meanwhile, our 17,000km-long fibre optic network powers our track-side signals, electrical systems and line-side telephones.

We have our own app store with new apps to collect and report real time data, and we’re behind some of the most advanced technology in the country. Our technical team invented the use of HD cameras to analyse track conditions – these cameras take 70,000 images per second at speeds of 125mph, enabling us to identify wear-and-tear issues faster.

What this means for you

With incredibly varied opportunities to grow, develop and take your career wherever you want it to, you’ll be able to explore the many di erent parts of our organisation.

And you’ll be empowered to in uence what we do tomorrow.

**This really is a network unlimited. **

About Us

If you're ready to make a difference, start your journey here.

We've big plans for the railway – and for our people

We have £25bn earmarked to invest in landmark projects and initiatives between 2014 and 2019 as part of our Railway Upgrade Plan. We’re hoping you’ll choose to join us and help turn our plans into reality; to create a world-class railway and really make a difference to rail travel in Britain.

We’re already making history through some of the largest engineering projects in Europe: Crossrail, Birmingham New Street Station, London Bridge, HS2 and Thameslink. Our award-winning architectural developments are helping to regenerate towns, cities and businesses, whilst new train lines are connecting communities.

The scope and scale of our operations and transformational projects is huge, offering incredibly varied opportunities to advance your career. But we don’t just do rail; there’s digital technology, retail and property management too. We offer a diverse programme of graduate schemes as well as flexible placements for undergraduates.

With us, the possibilities to shape the future and change things for the better are endless.

Our Programmes

We offer two overarching routes for graduates and, after you join us, you’ll be able to follow any number of different career paths.


If you’d love to get your hands on real projects out in the field rather than being confined to the drawing board, this could be your perfect destination.

You might find yourself using high-end technology, like our ultrasonic testing equipment, or contributing to new innovations, like battery-powered trains. And with plenty of freedom and responsibility open to you, your future will be whatever you make it.

Within engineering, we have three specific schemes: Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Business Management

If you’re self-motivated, comfortable with change and keen to get stuck into a real role from the start, our Business Management programme might be for you.

Back that up with plenty of drive, energy and passion, and you’ll be able to influence where we go next as well as exploring all sorts of new opportunities for your career.

In Business Management, we have a number of different schemes available: Finance, General Management, Health, Safety & Environment, Human Resources, IT & Business Services, Project Management, Property and Supply Chain Management.

Did You Know?

  • 3 million people travel by train everyday
  • 600 Network Rail travel champions helped to make London 2012 a success
  • In the last five years we’ve recruited and developed over 1,000 apprentices and 500 graduates
  • We are the second biggest property owner in the country after the MOD
  • We manage 17 of the biggest stations across Britain
  • Our bespoke apps log vital maintenance information and reports – replacing 4.3 million paper based inspection records every year
  • We have seven HD cameras attached to trains taking up to 70,000 pictures per second
  • Our fibre optic network runs across the whole of the UK.
  • We ensure the publics safety by maintaining 40,000 CCTV cameras
  • Enabling carbon reduction the equivalent of taking 1,000,000 lorries off the roads every year
  • Network Rail is one of the largest buyers of electricity in the UK – accounting for about 1% of UK consumption – spending up to £500 million annually on electricity
  • We’re working to develop battery powered trains – for passenger service operation
  • Every year, nearly twice as many people – 123 million- use Liverpool Street station as use Heathrow Airport
  • 1.3 billion journeys are made by rail every year.
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