Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT)

Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT)

Type: Charity

Founded: 1930

Employees: 25

Industry: Transport&Logistics

Welcome to the world of transport

The world of transport offers an exciting range of career opportunities, which can be office-based, outdoors or a mix of both; in the United Kingdom and beyond. Transport includes roads, rail, airports and ports together with walking, cycling and more.

The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) is the leading membership body for people working in transport.  Our members plan, design, build, operate and maintain the very best transport systems and infrastructure and we support them by keeping them up-to-date with the latest transport developments and helping them to become professionally qualified. We also promote the importance of the transport sector to government and society.

Can you help shape our world?

Transport connects people: from going to school, work, or leisure activities, to visiting friends and families.

Transport connects places: from travelling internationally, to countries far away, to travelling nationally, between towns and cities or across rural areas.

Transport enhances our lives: from making journeys easier, to keeping people informed using the latest technology.

Transport helps to keep our economy moving: from transporting goods and people, to bringing communities together.

Transport shapes our environment: from making journeys more sustainable by encouraging walking and cycling, to changing travel behaviour.

Transport helps to keep us safe: from detailed planning and design, to sharing best practice.

The world of transport is a great way to start, progress and fulfil your career journey.

Why join CIHT?

  • CIHT offers routes to professional qualifications from Engineering Technician to Chartered Engineer status and as a Transport Planning Professional. 
  • CIHT is involved in graduate training and developing apprenticeship standards within the transport sector.
  • CIHT creates opportunities for transport professionals to meet with events held within its regions throughout the United Kingdom; and across the rest of the world. 
  • CIHT works closely with around ninety corporate partners across the transport sector.


CIHT founded - 01/01/1930

The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation was founded as the Institute of Highways Engineers.

World War II - 01/01/1939

During World War II, over a quarter of our members were serving in the armed forces. The others were engaged in difficult and hazardous work such as building and strengthening roads and bridges, constructing airfields, harbours and docks plus coping with the devastation of enemy bombing.

HRH Prince Philip joins CIHT - 01/01/1948

HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh accepted election to honorary membership, and has maintained a close interest in our work ever since.

First motorway in Britain - 01/01/1950

We continued to build a national and international reputation for influencing developments in highway engineering, including the first motorway in Britain.

National motorway programme transforms British travel - 01/01/1960

The Institution grew alongside the spectacular progress of the national motorway programme.

CIHT membership continues to expand - 01/01/1970

Our membership broadened to include more academics, consultants and contractors to reflect the increasing complexity and multiplicity of roles in the transport sector.

Name changes to the Institution of Highways and Transportation - 01/07/1983

We changed our name to the Institution of Highways and Transportation. 

CIHT in Hong Kong - 01/01/1984

We set up CIHT Hong Kong.

CIHT set up in Malaysia - 01/01/1990

We set up CIHT Malaysia.

CIHT in Republic of Ireland - 01/01/2001

We set up CIHT Republic of Ireland.

Licence to award professional qualifications - 01/01/2002

We were granted licenses by the Engineering Council to award engineering professional qualifications.

HRH The Princess Royal becomes Honorary Fellow - 01/01/2006

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal became an Honorary Fellow of CIHT.

TPP qualification introduced - 01/01/2008

We introduced the Transport Planning Professional qualification with the Transport Planning Society. 

Granted Royal Charter - 07/12/2009

On 7 December 2009, we were granted our Royal Charter and became the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT).

13,000 members - 01/01/2014

We elected our 13,000th member.

Apprentice Member grade introduced - 01/01/2015

We introduced an Apprentice Member grade for young people registered on transport apprenticeship schemes.

CIHT Careers Toolkit launched - 01/04/2016

We launched the CIHT Careers Toolkit to showcase the exciting career opportunities in transport to schools, colleges and universities.

CIHT supports the launch of the UK’s first Transport Planning Technician Apprenticeship - 05/10/2016

We supported the launch of a new Transport Planning Technician Apprenticeship at the Leeds College of Building, as part of the Government Trailblazer Apprenticeship scheme.

CIHT celebrates its 14,000 member - 09/12/2016

We celebrated our 14,000th member who attended the CIHT Annual Luncheon.

CIHT launched its new Young Professionals’ Network - 05/04/2017

We launched our new Young Professionals’ Network at Traffex, Europe's largest dedicated road, traffic, parking and transport event.

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