Careers Exploration Log

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Free lesson plan:
Careers exploration log

Series: Making choices

Time needed: 60 minutes

Year group: 10+

This log supports students to explore careers in an engaged, reflective way.


  • To support students in thinking about their career planning.
  • To introduce students to the benefits of making SMART goals.

Key learning outcomes

By the end of the activity students will:

  • Understand more about their existing skills, values, interests and qualities, and how they might relate to the workplace.
  • Understand more about what constitutes work experience and how it can be presented to employers.
  • Have experience of defining goals and building an action plan for workable steps to achieve next in their career aspirations.


Use lesson plan during:

  • Careers discussions
  • Homework activity

Download careers exploration log (PDF)

Lesson plan in full


1. Introduce Plotr

  • Introduce Plotr as a place to find out about careers and jobs, and to hear from companies about what it is like to work there.
  • Ask students if they've used the site when researching opportunities. What tools have they used, if any?
  • Highlight to students the different ways in which they can explore the site's content, e.g. by playing the Game and looking at Career Industries and Career Worlds.
  • Plotr can be a helpful resource when making decisions about GCSE options as it can provide career ideas and insights on what GCSE subjects are important to different careers.

TOP TIP: Refer to the Quick Start Guide for more detailed information.

2. Introduce the topic of self-reflection, career research and SMART goals within this lesson.

  • Use the worksheet to help students define their skills, qualities, strengths, interest and work experience to date, filling the information into the careers exploration log.
  • Ask students to play the Plotr Game (you can set a timebox of 15 minutes) and make notes in their careers exploration log on three careers surfaced in the Game that they're interested in.

Follow on activities

These activities can be completed in a classroom setting or as part of a homework assignment.

  • Ask students to complete activity 4 (pick a job they're going to explore further) and fill in their careers exploration log
  • Ask students to complete activity 5 (create an action plan to research this job using the SMART goals technique) and fill in their careers exploration log

Download careers exploration log (PDF)

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