Train Driver at TransPennine Express

What does a train driver do?

Love the idea of a career that’s going to take you places? Will you take pride in knowing you’re helping people make their journeys safely every day? If so, then becoming a train driver could be a great career for you.

There’s a lot more to driving a train than you might first think. As a train driver you’ll control the whole train, carrying passengers and cargo to their destination. You’ll have to have sharp eyes and top-notch concentration, as a train drives at high speeds and you’ll be ready to spot any potential problems on the track ahead. You’ll also need to be a great problem solver too. If something does go wrong with your train, you’ll need to be able to assess the situation, stop at the next station if possible and get another train to assist you.

You’ll also need some great people skills. You can put people at ease when your train is running behind schedule, by announcing the estimated arrival time to passengers. A friendly and understanding announcement on a train will always brighten someone’s journey too!

DID YOU KNOW? Train drivers are listed as one of the 12 top career types of the future (between 2012 and 2020)!


Usually, train drivers will work at different times in shifts between 6 to 10 hours long. Trains run late into the night in most cities so they’ll always need someone to drive them.

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