Software Developer at Transport for London

What does a Software Developer do?

As a software developer you’ll be testing and developing bespoke software and system support for the Customer Experience operations within Transport for London (TfL).

In order to be able to work well with your team, you’ll be using a project management method called Agile SCRUM. The SCRUM technique was initially developed as a way for software developers to work well together in a team. It comprises of breaking down tasks and having daily updates on the progress of the project to ensure that all tasks ahead are covered and everyone knows their tasks to complete and report back on. Although the SCRUM technique was originally created for software developers, it has been adopted by other industries. You’ll have a qualified scrum master who oversees, motivates and guides all involved in the project.

Along with your team, you’ll be responsible for the development and automated testing of customer experience software products so they meet business requirements that have been determined using the SCRUM process. Here are some things that you might do in a day:

  • Participate in SCRUM meetings to determine the list of work to be completed and the course of action to be taken by each member of your team.
  • Have short, daily discussions with your team to problem solve and keep track of progress.
  • Participate in code reviews, change control, bug-tracking and production processes to ensure consistent software engineering standards are upheld.
  • Work with test analysts to identify and resolve any programming issues.
  • Develop, test and maintain code for software used by the customer experience department.


Usually, you’ll work full-time hours, five days a week.

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