Senior Transport Planner - CIHT Member

What does a Senior Transport Planner do?

As a senior transport planner you’ll work on policies, projects and plans to improve all kinds of transport systems including public bus routes, cycle paths and roads. You’ll also work on brand-new transport systems, exploring what kind of special infrastructure requirements they’ll need (like bus stops, cycle and car parking, for example).

It may help for you to think of this role as part detective, part explainer and part manager. Your detective skills will come into play when you carry out statistical analysis to examine travel data and accident records. This gives you important insights into how to improve existing transport systems. Once you’ve done the analysis you’ll write reports and present options and ideas to clients, explaining them clearly so everyone can understand what the risks and benefits are. As a senior transport planner you’ll take on the responsibility of managing studies and projects surrounding transport planning.

DID YOU KNOW? Another important part of your job is to make sure that the public are aware of any changes to be made to a transport system. One way you’ll do this is through events where you can present information and answer any questions they have about the proposed plans.


Usually you’ll work full-time, five days a week. However, during busy periods you may need to work for longer to do a great job and meet deadlines.

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