Senior Transport Planner - CIHT Member

What is a Senior Transport Planner?

Interested in transport? Always planning ahead? Want a varied career where you’ll have an impact on all kinds of transport systems, from cycle paths to air travel? If so, a transport planning career could be a great fit for you.

As a transport planner you’ll work on lots of different areas of transport like policy, projects and plans. You’ll look to improve the transport systems or see how new systems and ideas can be carried out to make travel better for everyone. With a transport planning career you’ll get the chance to look into all kinds of factors like climate change, the economy and the environment – in fact, part of your job involves working with government initiatives encouraging people to reduce their car use and take up walking, cycling or public transport. It’s a really varied job that will teach you a lot about how different things connect together.

So tell me more about how to be a Senior Transport Planner

You’ll need to build on your transport knowledge in order to achieve this position. With your knowledge of a wide range of transport systems, you’ll work on policies, projects and plans to do with all sorts of different modes of transport. You’ll have a view on improving the transport for the area you’re working in, whether it’s deciding a new bus route, planning a new car park, or making it easier to access local amenities such as a shopping centre.

As well as this, part of your role will be to encourage the public to consider other modes of transport as part of government policies and initiatives. For example, this could be to reduce car emissions and get more people to take up cycling or walking instead.

Whether you choose the graduate or apprenticeship route into this career, you’ll impress your employers if you can show your knowledge about the transport sector and any future proposed plans or changes to it.

Becoming a Senior Transport Planner... What does it take?

To be a senior transport planner, you’ll have to be confident in English, maths and technology as part of your job will be to analyse and interpret data collected about different transport systems with a view to improve the services available to the public.

It will also help if you have good geography knowledge so you can apply it to any policies, plans or projects that you are involved in. Senior transport planner Melissa Vento loved geography at school because it involved science and biology as well as human/social studies, politics and history. Being interested in a wide variety of subjects like this will put you in a great place to make a great career in transport planning!

Learning and development courses and training to build your career

When applying for this role, you’ll need to have great skills and experience in the transport industry as well as in project management. A professionally recognised qualification will go a long way to help boost your career and your employability. The CIHT offer this professional qualification with the Transport Planning Society – find out more here.

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