Senior Cyber Security Analyst at Transport for London

What is a Senior Cyber Security Analyst?

Can you imagine a world without social media, mobile phones or young person’s travel passes? So much of our everyday personal and working lives rely on technology. With a cyber security role at Transport for London you can use your natural curiosity, tech knowhow and logic to make travel that bit safer.

A cyber security career is a very solid choice in a world that’s driven by technology and needs top-notch security to match. Technology drives Transport for London, too – from contactless payments to computerised timetables. As a senior cyber security analyst it’s your job to keep a very close eye on the IT systems, spotting risks before they ever become a problem and keeping up to date with the security needs of a rapidly changing world.

If you love technology and you also love the idea of adding ‘ethical hacking’ to your CV, this could be could be the perfect career for you!

So tell me more about how to be a Senior Cyber Security Analyst

To become a senior cyber security analyst at Transport for London, you’ll need technical experience and knowledge as well as the communication skills to share discoveries across the business to the people who need to know, whatever level of technical ability they might have. You’ll gain this experience through a mixture of education and employment.

Check the ‘Getting Started’ tab to find out more about how to kick-start your career. You can also check the ‘Right for me?’ tab to find out more about the skills and qualifications needed for this a career in cyber security.

Becoming a Senior Cyber Security Analyst… What does it take?

You’ll need to start out your career with a fierce curiosity, because when you take on a career in cyber security it’s up to you to spot risks that other people might have missed.

You’ll need a real passion for technology, because you’ll have to learn all kinds of coding and protocols (best practice ways of doing things) to shine in this role. What’s more, you’ll have to keep your skills up-to-date in a rapidly changing technological landscape. You’ll always be honing your skills to stay one step ahead of anyone who might be trying to compromise the IT systems!

You’ll find it useful to have an active interest in:

  • Software development and coding
  • Project management
  • Business intelligence
  • Cyber security
  • The fundamentals of networks, operating systems and servers

Learning and development courses and training to build your career

You can explore the Plotr Courses Finder to see a variety of courses relating to cyber security that will give you an industry-recognised qualification. These courses can help you learn new skills, knowledge and protocols if they weren’t covered in your previous education. The range of courses on offer can be suitable for all kinds of stages of your career.

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