Senior Cyber Security Analyst at Transport for London

How to become a Senior Cyber Security Analyst

Studying maths and ICT-related subjects at school will help you a lot in any technology career, including cyber security. Not only will these qualifications stand out on your CV, they’ll also give you the foundation skills and knowledge you’ll need to learn so you can grow into a role as a senior cyber security analyst. It’s a great idea to explore your knowledge of computers and software in school and beyond too, because this is a great career for someone who doesn’t just have the skills but also the tech passion and curiosity to go with it.

Hackathons, coding competitions are just two ways you can hone your skills at school.

There’s more than one route into a career in cyber security. You can take the university route to gain specialised knowledge, for example. There are all kinds of relevant degrees on offer, including computer science. You can even get specific degrees in cyber security and cyber security management.

You can also take the apprenticeship route to build up a career in this field. Transport for London offer a host of apprenticeships for you to explore. The information management apprenticeship and software development apprenticeships are just two examples from all kinds of exciting career routes. Check with Transport for London for full details, but you’ll generally be asked to have five good passing grades in GCSEs or their equivalents including English and maths (and ICT) for an apprenticeship that’s highly relevant to this career.

Early jobs in a cyber security career can include becoming an information systems officer, an information security adviser, or getting your foot in the door with security administration or IT support roles.

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