Rail Engineer Trainer at Siemens Rail Systems

What does a Rail Engineer Trainer do?

Interested in transport? Want to help others on their career journey? If so, then a career as a rail engineer trainer could be a great one for you. As a rail engineer trainer, it will be your responsibility to pass on your skills and knowledge to the next generation of railway workers. Your role will take you across the country, delivering training programmes to workers who want to expand their knowledge and progress in their careers.

As well as this, you’ll be assessing staff at regular intervals to see how they’re using the skills and knowledge they’ve been taught. As you progress further in your career to higher positions of responsibility, you’ll observe other trainers carrying out their assessments to ensure they are carried out fairly and correctly.


You’ll usually work full-time hours, five days a week. Some of this will be travel time, because you’ll be travelling to various training sites across the UK.

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