Level Crossing Safety Manager at Network Rail

What is a Level Crossing Safety Manager?

If you’re not sure what level crossings are, they’re a place where a railway and road (or two railway lines) cross at the same level. When the public, vehicles and trains might come into contact with each other in this way, everything needs to be as safe as possible. So what kinds of careers are related to level crossings?

If you’re interested in engineering, leading projects and keeping the public safe, you could make a great level crossing safety manager. Your main mission is to improve level crossing safety. This can be achieved through a number of ways like assessing possible risks on level crossings, improving their engineering and playing your part in creating safety campaigns inspiring the public to think and learn.

So tell me more about how to be a Level Crossing Safety Manager

Skills that will help you thrive in this career include technical knowledge and being able to lead a team. With your mechanical engineering and project management skills you’ll act as the level crossing expert for partner organisations and investigation teams.

Studying science and maths at school will help you to build the skills you need to carry out detailed risk assessment and analysis of level crossings.

Whether you choose the graduate or apprenticeship route into this career, you’ll impress your employers if you can demonstrate your knowledge of railway engineering and safety. As well as this, it’ll help if you have experience in managing multiple projects.

Becoming a Level Crossing Safety Manager... What does it take?

To become a level crossing safety manager, you’ll need to be both organised and confident at managing multiple projects. With technical knowledge you’ll be able to plan and implement engineering changes to level crossings.

Part of your role as level crossing safety manager will involve communicating with organisations like the Department for Transport about level crossing safety and risk so it’s important to grow your confidence in public speaking and contributing to discussions about the railway and its safety.

Learning and development courses and training to build your career

You can boost your experience in project management and working on the railway over time with a combination of education and employment. It’ll increase your employability if you have a professional qualification in project management too. To find a course near you, have a look at the Course Finder.

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