Level Crossing Safety Manager at Network Rail

What is a Level Crossing Safety Manager?

If you’re not sure what level crossings are, they’re a place where a railway and road (or two railway lines) cross at the same level. When the public, vehicles and trains might come into contact with each other in this way, everything needs to be as safe as possible. So what kinds of careers are related to level crossings?

If you’re interested in engineering, leading projects and keeping the public safe, you could make a great level crossing safety manager. Your main mission is to improve level crossing safety. This can be achieved through a number of ways like assessing possible risks on level crossings, improving their engineering and playing your part in creating safety campaigns inspiring the public to think and learn.

What does a Level Crossing Safety Manager do?

As a level crossing safety manager, you’ll be key to keeping people safe around level crossings and the railway. Level crossings are usually controlled by barriers and lights to stop vehicles from passing through when a train is moving on the railway. Network Rail manages and maintains all the level crossings in Britain.

You’ll be Network Rail’s expert on level crossing safety. To keep your knowledge up to date you’ll research ways to improve the safety of level crossings. Once you’ve spotted important ways to improve the level crossing you’re working on, you’ll take a lead on planning, development and implementation of projects to improve level crossing safety.

Public awareness is a big part of reducing risks on the railway! Part of your role will be to create level crossing safety awareness campaigns. These campaigns help the public be more aware of how to stay safe. They’ll help the public understand the importance of level crossings, too.

DID YOU KNOW? There are around 7,000 level crossings in use on Network Rail’s managed infrastructure and 1,500 on public roads used by vehicles.

Is a career in level crossing safety right for me?

Do you have an interest in engineering? Want a rewarding career where you’ll make a difference? Want to take the lead on projects that keep people safe?

If so, a career in level crossing safety could be the answer.

How to become a Level Crossing Safety Manager

There are many entry routes into a career in engineering, including studying for a degree at university or doing an apprenticeship.

You could start out as an apprentice in the rail industry. In the course of your apprenticeship you’ll learn safety procedures and may complete a qualification in person track safety (PTS), which could then lead onto another qualification in level crossing safety. This in turn could lead to a position as a level crossing attendant. From there, you can work your way up to becoming a level crossing safety manager.

If you choose to study at university (a mechanical engineering degree would be particularly useful for this role) it will help your application if you have relevant work experience in the railway industry. Engineering-based roles can help you develop the mechanical engineering skills that are so important for this role.

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