HS2 Landscape Architect

What is HS2?

HS2 is a mega-project whose high speed trains will link big cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. It’s the biggest environmental and infrastructure project in the UK and even in Europe. It will support 100,000 jobs across the country – not just on the railway, but in the communities where people live and work.

What is an HS2 Landscape Architect?

A Landscape Architect at HS2 is responsible for designing and integrating the landscape and outdoor spaces along the new railway. It’s about much more than just planting trees – a Landscape Architect needs to think about the complex relationship between people and the spaces they use, to make sure that the landscape provides the most benefit to the people, environments and the economy along the railway line.

A Landscape Architect also has to make sure that the landscape is in keeping with HS2’s overall Design Vision. This is essentially a guide for landscape architects, engineers, and other designers at HS2, to make sure that all aspects of the new railway fit together in terms of design. The Landscape Architect will need to reach new heights of creativity and innovation in their design work to enhance the lives of the people who live near and use the new railway – so it is a massive responsibility!

What does an HS2 Landscape Architect do?

  • Ensures the design of HS2 supports the project’s landscape and overall Design Vision.
  • Develops drawings, specifications, policy documents and other design-related tasks.
  • Works closely with colleagues to coordinate the emerging design.
  • Coaches and influences colleagues across the organisation to ensure landscape design issues are a key consideration when making big decisions about the project.
  • Provides high-quality technical support and advice, to get the best possible outcomes from a landscape design perspective.

To learn more about what a Landscape Designer does on a day-to-day basis, hear from Christoph Brintup, one of HS2's Landscape Design Managers.

Is an HS2 Landscape Architect career right for me?

Are you creative and innovative? Are you interested in the natural environment? Do you want to help people make the best of their local areas? Are you great at talking to people and listening to their needs? Can you take a project from idea to completion?

Then a career in Landscape Architecture could be for you.

How to become an HS2 Landscape Architect

To begin a career in Landscape Architecture, it is always beneficial to learn as much as you can about it. Do some research online, talk to universities and students, and get in touch with Landscape Design practices about internships, work experience or work shadowing.

Because Landscape Architecture covers so many different areas, a good variety of A-levels is useful. Good subjects to study include Geography, Art, Design and Technology, Biology, and English.

Several universities across the UK deliver Landscape Design courses. You can also follow this up with a Master’s degree.

Lots of information can be found on the Landscape Institute website.

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