HS2 Environmental Manager

What is HS2?

HS2 is the planned high speed railway connecting Birmingham with London and on to Manchester and Leeds. It will be the biggest project of its kind in the UK. The trains will move more people around the country, and faster. Each train will travel at speeds of up to 225mph, and carry up to 1,100 passengers. When the whole route has been built, HS2 will carry more than one million people every week!

Careers at HS2 will range from construction workers, engineers, and railway technicians to designers, environmentalists and business staff. It’s estimated HS2 will create around 100,000 jobs, including the people needed to drive and operate the trains and local jobs sparked by the development around HS2.

What is an HS2 Environmental Manager?

An HS2 Environmental Manager looks at how building the railway will affect the environment. They influence the design and planning of the route to reduce the impact. Environmental managers also provide advice on European and national law, on issues like protecting animals, parks and buildings. A big part of the job involves communicating with the public, for example through presentations at community engagement events, so that people understand what is being planned and can give their views on it.

What does an HS2 Environmental Manager do?

Check the suitability of sites for building a high speed railway, gathering and preparing information Manage teams of environmental consultants and other specialists Provide advice on environmental rules and regulations Report to and advise HS2 senior managers and government on reducing effects on the environment Take part in meetings and events with charities, organisations and the general public to explain HS2’s plans and get their views Work closely with engineering and property and other HS2 teams. To learn more about what an Environmental Manager does on a day-to-day basis, hear from Attiya Biviji, one of HS2's Environmental Managers.

Is an HS2 Environmental Manager career right for me?

Can you manage other people’s time – and your own? Can you find a simple way of explaining technical things? Do you enjoy learning about every aspect of the environment, from wildlife to waterways and to historic buildings? Can you persuade senior people (like your parents or headteacher) to change their plans? Then this could be the right career for you one day!

How to become an HS2 Environmental Manager

To become an HS2 Environmental Manager you will usually need to have a degree in environmental science, environmental studies or a related subject. Experience in this area makes a big difference.

Whether you are at school or university, volunteering is a great way of getting this experience and an early taste of what it’s like to work in this area, while developing your skills and meeting people. Knowing people who already work in this sector may help you to find longer-term paid work.

You can gain work experience in a number of ways - for instance:

  • volunteer for an environmental charity
  • complete work experience with environmental organisations
  • apply for internships
  • study towards a qualification that includes industry experience.

Try the following websites and organisations for more information:

National Careers Service (Environmental Consultant)
Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment

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