HS2 Engagement Adviser

What is an HS2 Engagement Adviser?

An HS2 Engagement Adviser works along the route of the railway as part of a team to talk with local communities and anyone who has a strong interest in the project. As an ambassador for HS2, they promote and develop the project’s reputation and work constructively with the groups they meet.

For example, Engagement Advisers set up and manage Community Engagement Events in communities close to the new rail route. These give people the opportunity to talk to us and ask us questions about the project, such as “how will my local area look during construction?” and “what job opportunities will HS2 create for young people in my area?” These events are very successful in raising awareness of the project and ensuring people are better informed about the impacts and benefits of HS2 to their local area.

So tell me more about how to be an HS2 Engagement Adviser

Knowledge of politics and especially local government are important in this job. For example, you need to know a lot about MPs and local councillors, and the work that they do in a local area. If you can develop a good relationship with an MP, you have the potential to develop a positive relationship with the local residents and business in that area. Empathy, compassion and strong communication skills will also serve you well. Our advisers really care about the impact the railway will have on communities and the environment, and work hard to make sure the best possible railway is built that has the least impact on both.

Becoming an HS2 Engagement Adviser: What does it take?

An engagement adviser can be seen as a messenger. To be a good messenger on a project like HS2, you need to understand the people you are working with, and enjoy building strong relationships with local communities and colleagues at HS2. You need to be able to talk to people from different walks of life, share their thoughts with colleagues, and work hard to keep the lines of communication open.

Learning and development courses and training to build your career

There are a lot of qualifications that can help in a career in community engagement – politics, geography, the environment, social studies, English or media studies, for example.

HS2 also do in-house training to develop the skills of its staff. For example, it is important for an Engagement Adviser to be able to present to an audience in a clear way, so our Learning and Development team can set up training in presentation skills.

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