Highways Asset Manager - CIHT Member

What does a Highways Asset Manager do?

Highways needs lots of things (things like footways, traffic signals and street lighting) to make them usable and safe. All of these things are called ‘assets’ and they need to be looked after all the time to make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to. As a highways asset manager you’ll understand which things are working - and which need to be worked on to keep them in the best condition.

So what’s involved in your job?

The types of asset you’ll manage as a highways asset manager are:

  • Carriageways, footways, cycle ways that vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians use
  • Structures such as bridges or tunnels
  • Signs, traffic signals and road markings
  • Drainage systems
  • Earthworks – large banks of the ground that support roads and footways
  • Fences and barriers
  • Street lighting and electrical communications to assist users -Landscape areas.

As a highways asset manager for the transport industry, you’ll make sure all these things are in good working order and safe for the public to use and travel on. You’ll do this by managing, monitoring and keeping track of all those assets. You’ll also use your analytical skills to give advice on where to invest money in new assets or upgrades. This could mean investing in a new set of streetlights, or making sure that the traffic lights for a busy junction are in good working order.

DID YOU KNOW? Assets can be under the ground such as tunnels or over such as bridges.


Usually, you’ll work full-time, five days a week. You may get the chance to travel to meetings with clients and make presentations to them.

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