Highways Asset Manager - CIHT Member

What is a Highways Asset Manager?

Interested in business? Excited by the prospect of working with big money? Want a rewarding and varied career? With a career in highway asset management, you’ll be responsible for monitoring and managing assets including traffic signals and street lighting – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Your main mission as a highways asset manager is to keep track of highway assets with a view to getting the most out of them, both financially and in terms of making sure that all records are up to date and accurate and the assets are safe for people to use.

DID YOU KNOW? Asset management in the UK is seen as world-leading. If you work in the transport sector (e.g. highways and rail) you could get a chance to work all around the world.

So tell me more about how to be a Highways Asset Manager…

In order to become a highways asset manager, you’ll need to build up all kinds of skills. Using a blend of technical knowledge, project management and financial know-how, you’ll be giving great advice on when, where and how to invest on new assets and how to make the most of available ones. You’ll need to be confident in presenting to large groups as well as negotiating.

Becoming an Asset Manager… What does it take?

Because of the range of things involved, asset managers have a variety of backgrounds - but you’ll often see people in the role with a technical background (usually engineering, with a special interest in civil engineering).

Being good at processing information from lots of different sources is important, so IT skills as well as technical ones will give you a strong head start. Ultimately asset management is about using money in the best way, so financial skills and maths are important.

It also helps to work on your communication and persuasion skills in preparation for this role. You’ll need these to make confident business decisions and present to large groups of people what you propose to do with the organisation’s assets.

Learning and development courses and training to build your career

When applying for this role, you’ll need to have great skills and experience in finance and asset management.

As well as this, a professionally recognised qualification will help your application, such as a PRINCE2 project management qualification.

As you progress in your career in highway asset management, membership of a relevant professional body such as the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) will be useful.

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