Highways Asset Manager - CIHT Member

How to become a Highways Asset Manager?

Because the role can demand maths and analytical skills as well as management skills, it’s useful to keep up your maths and science at school before taking next steps.

There are a number of routes into asset management. If you opt for an alternative to the university route, you could combine extensive experience within an industry with management experience and financial knowledge. You could start in the transport industry and then widen your financial knowledge. With experience, you could become a highways asset manager, using your technical knowledge to make good business decisions.

If you choose to study at university, you’ll be able to apply for graduate asset management roles available in a number of different industries. Degrees relating to civil engineering can be particularly useful. For example, CIHT member, John Paterson, Asset Management Consultant at Atkins did maths, physics and chemistry at A-level then went on to do a BEng(Hons) at the University of Birmingham Open University.

To boost your employability you could take part in work experience for an organisation. To find out more about work experience, click here.

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