Highways Asset Manager - CIHT Member

Is a career in asset management right for me?

If you have great project management and analytical skills and are confident in areas like negotiating and public speaking, a career in asset management could be a great fit for you. Highway asset managers come from all sorts of backgrounds, but a civil engineering background can help you on your way.

Perks and challenges of being a Highways Asset Manager


  • This is a highly varied role where you’ll get the chance to network with lots of senior employees in different areas of business.
  • You’ll advise clients and organisations on how to manage their money. It’s a highly important part of your role and a very rewarding one.


  • You’ll need to be confident in your decisions about the assets of the organisation or client you work for.

Useful skills

The following skills are very useful:

  • Communication – you’ll need to have effective written and oral communication skills to help you talk to a range of colleagues and business partners
  • Research – you’ll need to be able to research things (like what new assets would be good to invest in, and if current assets are doing what they’re supposed to).

People who work in this role say that the following skills and qualities are useful:

  • Analytical – you’ll need to find workable solutions to any issues that come up, as well as be able to analyse how well the assets are doing and whether a return on investment has been reached.
  • Commercial sense – you’ll be able to look at the bigger picture.

What qualifications do you need to be a Highways Asset Manager?

Some asset managers achieve their position through building up their work experience in an industry over time. On the other hand, a career in asset management generally will require a degree or the equivalent.

If you want to continue studying to Masters level, that’s a good point at which to choose a special area of interest - for example, you could complete a Masters’ degree in civil or highway engineering.

Once you become an asset manager you’ll often have a good technical knowledge of the industry you’re working in. For example, as a highways asset manager you might come from a civil engineering background and have good analytical, IT and financial skills. These will come in handy when you need to process information from all kinds of different sources to make sure the assets that people travelling use are safe and accessible to all.

What is the workplace of a Highways Asset Manager like?

You’ll normally be office-based. You may get the chance to travel to meetings with clients and business partners.

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