Highway Maintenance Manager - CIHT Member

What does a Highway Maintenance Manager do?

As a highway maintenance manager you’ll be responsible for a team of maintenance workers who carry out work on highways, highway structures (e.g. bridges), traffic assets (e.g. traffic lights) and drainage and flood defence systems. It’s a highly important job as people use highways every day and rely on you to protect their homes and major roads.

You’ll also be responsible for financial and project management, making sure that all your team are carrying out work safely and within budget. You’ll use your technical knowledge to solve problems and come up with workable plans to keep the highways in great shape. You’ll also act as a consultant for your colleagues, who may look to you for expertise and guidance on how to solve any issues that come up.


Usually, you’ll work full-time, five days a week. CIHT member Rowland Gordon, highway network maintenance manager at the London Borough of Croydon, told us about his working day and says his work can feel like a doctor’s surgery, with people from his team popping round to his desk to discuss issues or seek his views.

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