Highway Maintenance Manager - CIHT Member

What is a Highway Maintenance Manager?

Interested in making a change? Want to work on projects that will affect the local community? Like the idea of exploring civil engineering and how it can be used to develop and change the world around us? With a career in highway maintenance you’ll be responsible for roads, traffic, flood defence systems and many more aspects of the built environment that make a huge difference to how people live, work and travel.

Your main mission in this job is to keep the highways in great shape, as people rely on them daily for work or play. You’ll also help to protect people’s homes from flooding by looking after the drainage systems – a highly important job as floods can have disastrous effects. You’ll lead projects on highways refurbishment, winter maintenance (think how damaging ice and snow can be) and many other important aspects of the built world around you.

DID YOU KNOW? Highway maintenance managers are given local areas to work on – they don’t have to look after the whole of the UK. You’ll never have a dull moment, though. CIHT member Rowland Gordon, highway network maintenance manager describes how in Croydon alone you’d be responsible for 724km of carriageway, 56 highway structures and around 35,000 drainage and soakaway assets . With this kind of local inside knowledge you’ll see the built environment in a whole new way!

So tell me more about how to be a Highway Maintenance Manager

You’ll need to build up all kinds of useful skills in order to achieve this position. Using a blend of technical know-how and project management skills, you’ll be part of big and on-going projects.

Whether you chose the graduate or apprenticeship route into this career, it will help your application to understand how highway maintenance operates. You’ll impress your employers if you can show your knowledge of any proposed plans to the highways that take your interest.

Becoming a Highway Maintenance Manager… What does it take?

To be a highway maintenance manager you’ll have to be confident in maths and science subjects; these are the foundations of any engineering career. It will also help if you have an interest in the built environment and the process that projects go through, from planning to construction work.

When working as a highway maintenance manager, you’ll have to follow government guidelines and legislation such as the Flood and Water Management Act. With this kind of care and attention to your work, you’ll make sure that the work carried out is going to benefit people and not disturb their daily lives too much. Knowledge of local government guidelines will really impress an employer and help you in any position within civil engineering.

Learning and development courses and training to build your career

When applying for this role, you’ll need to have great skills and experience in civil engineering. As well as this, a professionally recognised qualification will help your application. The CIHT offers professional qualifications and it will boost your employability.

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