Highway Maintenance Manager - CIHT Member

Is a career in highway maintenance and civil engineering right for me?

If you have great project management skills, are approachable and want to make a difference to your area, then a civil engineering career specialising in highway maintenance could be a great fit for you. You’ll be responsible for making sure that if something needs to be fixed on the highway, it is fixed quickly in a budget-friendly way that causes the least amount of disturbance possible. You’ll lead a team of highway maintenance staff as they carry out work on highways and assets (e.g. traffic lights, bollards, pavements and drainage systems).

Perks and challenges of being a Highway Maintenance Manager


  • You’ll work with all kinds of different people on different projects ranging from routine highway maintenance to ensuring that people’s homes are safe from flooding.
  • Using your technical knowledge, you’ll advise people on how to fix issues effectively, a highly satisfying part of the job.


  • As you’ll be responsible for the maintenance of highways and their assets, your job is to ensure that work is completed on time and to budget, which can at times be a challenge. People use highways all the time, so making changes to the highways in a way that has as little impact on people’s travel plans as possible is a real skill.

Useful skills

The following skills are very useful:

  • Project management – you’ll need a combination of technical knowledge and project management skills to ensure that maintenance is done on time and correctly.
  • Communication – you’ll use your communication skills to pass on information to colleagues and make sure that everyone involved in a project is kept informed.
  • Analytical – you’ll need to be able to problem-solve in a practical way.

What qualifications do you need to be a Highway Maintenance Manager?

There’s more than one route into a civil engineering career. You can take the university route to gain specialised knowledge, but you can also apply for civil engineering and highway maintenance apprenticeships (find out more about these by visiting CITB) to combine study with skills and experience picked up on the job.

If you study for a civil engineering degree you can support that knowledge with experience working in highway maintenance or civil engineering. Once you’ve developed your technical knowledge and experience, you’ll be able to work up to project management.

What is the workplace of a Highway Maintenance Manager like?

Normally, you’ll be based in an office where you’ll work for a local government as they are responsible for the highways and their maintenance. Alternatively, you could work for an engineering company which is working in partnership with local government.

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