Highway Engineer – CIHT Member

What does a Highway Engineer do?

As a highway engineer you’ll work with a team to improve infrastructure and highways. You’ll oversee construction and improvement schemes and flex your creative and logical muscles as a principal designer too, making sure that all plans and designs meet safety legislation.

You’ll be responsible for a team of staff, making sure that all construction work is carried out safely and correctly. You might also go and visit construction sites to see how new projects are going and check if there are any issues to fix or give advice on.


You’ll usually work full-time hours, five days a week. Sometimes you might work longer in order to meet deadlines. You can make the most of your working day with clever use of time management skills. For example, CIHT member Maamle Okutu, senior highway engineer with Skanska, likes to take twenty minutes after work to plan her next day ahead. This kind of planning can help you enjoy your free time, knowing the next day’s activities are in very safe hands – yours!

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