Highway Engineer – CIHT Member

What is CIHT?

The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation (CIHT) represents over 14,000 professionals working in transport infrastructure. Maamle Okutu, Senior Highway Engineer is a CIHT member working for Skanska.

What is a Highway Engineer?

Want to build a better future? If so, a career in highway engineering could be a great fit for you. As a highway engineer, you’ll oversee projects and take a lead in the design of highway improvement schemes. With lots of variety in your working day, you could be working on larger projects like redesigning road links or smaller projects like dropped kerbs for highways. Small or large, each scheme presents its own challenges, and its own rewarding moments of satisfaction, too – like the sense of satisfaction you’ll get from using a real-life road you helped to design!

With any project you work on you’ll use your technical knowledge and management skills to get it delivered on time and to budget. As a highway engineer, you’ll take great care in making sure that any new roads and structures will be safe for the people who use them. You know how important safety is, so you’ll triple-check that your designs meet safety guidelines.

DID YOU KNOW? When you become a senior highway engineer, you could be involved in mentoring staff with less experience, helping them to learn and grow. Senior highway engineers say this can be a very rewarding part of the job. You’ve been there, done that, so you’ll know what it’s like to be in their shoes!

What does a Highway Engineer do?

As a highway engineer you’ll work with a team to improve infrastructure and highways. You’ll oversee construction and improvement schemes and flex your creative and logical muscles as a principal designer too, making sure that all plans and designs meet safety legislation.

You’ll be responsible for a team of staff, making sure that all construction work is carried out safely and correctly. You might also go and visit construction sites to see how new projects are going and check if there are any issues to fix or give advice on.

Is a career in highway engineering right for me?

Are you good at planning projects? Want to combine this with your design skills? Want to make a difference to people’s lives by providing infrastructure that meets their daily needs?

If that sounds like you, then a career in highway engineering could be the answer.

How to become a Highway Engineer

Once you’ve got a job in highway engineering - either through a degree or an apprenticeship – a career-boosting next step is to achieve chartered engineer status. This is a globally recognised qualification which you can get through the CIHT.

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