Head of Analytics at Transport for London

What does a Head of Analytics do?

The data you analyse can come from all sorts of places, depending on what you do. For example, if you worked on the analytics for a website, you’d be interested in who is visiting the site, where they’re coming from and what they do when they get there. This would help you make decisions about what content to create and how to make sure the people who’ll love it most will see it.

As a head of analytics at Transport for London, you’ll oversee everything that goes on when it comes to gathering information about how people are using London’s transport so that an even better service can be given. But what kind of information can you collect?

You’ll be working a lot with big data, and the clue is in the name – ‘big data’ is the name given to large data sets that reveal patterns and trends. You’ll look at all the customer data and information from ticketing and data systems and put it together so everyone can understand how customers are travelling across the network.

For example, you might look at Oyster and contactless entries and exits to see where the busiest stations are on the network, what the most popular journey patterns are, and how long journeys take over different times of the day. You can also look at what happens when something changes on the network, like a closure or major event.

DID YOU KNOW? The computer systems and speed available have changed massively – Transport for London analysts can now run things in ten minutes that would have taken days to do before!


Usually, you’ll work full-time, five days a week. However, you may be required to work later if deadlines are approaching.

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