Head of Analytics at Transport for London

What is a Head of Analytics?

Are you fascinated by discovering hidden truths and what lies behind the obvious? Do you like the idea of being a spy without any of the danger? Are you curious by nature, and keen to get stuck into a role where you can make both discoveries and decisions to make changes for the better?

You get to enjoy all of this with an analytics career, and as a head of analytics you’ll be at the top of your game. Analytics is all about the study of data in order to make improvements. Data can be thought of as simply another word for information, and knowledge is power – the power to change things for the better!

As a head of analytics for Transport for London, it’s your job to look at all the customer data from ticketing and data systems and put it together to get new insights. Thanks to your work, Transport for London can understand how customers are travelling across the network and make their journeys an even better experience.

So tell me more about how to be a Head of Analytics

To become a head of analytics at Transport for London, you’ll need technical experience and knowledge as well as the confidence to lead on projects and be an expert in your chosen specialism. You’ll gain this experience through a mixture of education and employment.

There’s both a science side and a business side to analytics – there’s the science of exploring data, and the business of understanding Transport for London’s needs and goals and making decisions for the better based on your data discoveries. You can explore both in your career, but you may find you lean in one particular direction and want to focus on it more through experience, education and training.

Becoming a Head of Analytics… What does it take?

You’ll need to start out your career with a fierce curiosity, because data analysis is all about studying data to make discoveries, reveal those discoveries to others in a way that will inspire them, and make decisions on how to improve a product or service.

To take giant strides in this career you’ll combine that natural curiosity with technical savvy (like learning new computer systems) with business awareness that will help you translate information into action.

Learning and development courses and training to build your career

You can explore the Plotr Courses Finder to see a variety of courses relating to analytics. They can help you learn new software like SPSS or R if it wasn’t covered in your previous education. The range of courses on offer can be suitable for all kinds of stages of your career.

You can also find it useful to visit the Institute for Research in Schools. They provide schools with data from scientific experiments. Take a look – it’s a great place to find out more about research and how it can be used to improve the way we live.

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