Creative Director at Pauley

What does a Creative Director at Pauley do?

Pauley’s staff work together to turn their clients’ paper-based training courses into much more interactive 3D ones. As a creative director, you’ll be quite senior as you oversee a team of software developers who’ll be creating the content. They’ll look to you for guidance, support and the best way of doing things – and it’s up to you to make sure their work is done on time to a standard everyone’s happy with!

DID YOU KNOW? You’ll be doing creative tasks as well as managing the team and building relationships with clients as part of your working day. That’s because you’ll be creating the demos and templates that the software developers will be working from!


Usually, you’ll work full time, five days a week. When deadlines are coming up, you may be required to work later. After all, you’ll be setting an example to your team and you will have got this senior job because of your passion for what you do!

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