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About Pauley

Wait... who are Pauley, and what do they do? You may not have heard of Pauley, but they’re creating the future of training using virtual reality (VR). Their mission is to make traditional paper courses interactive and engaging so that users are immersed in a virtual world and can easily put these skills into practice. As you might expect, with such an unusual mission they have lots of exciting career ideas for you to explore, too.

What is a Creative Director?

Want a career that taps into the future today? The kind of work where you get to mix art and technology? A job where gaming is at the very heart of what you do? If so, a career as a creative director with a virtual reality (VR) product company like Pauley could be an amazing fit for you. Build up the skills, and your dream career could go from virtual reality to actual reality...

So tell me more about how to be a Creative Director

Virtual reality (VR) is an exciting emerging technology that’s changing all the time. There are all kinds of ways to build up the relevant programming and design skills, from school studies to further learning courses, but to keep up with the latest updates you’ll be truly passionate about discovering what the technology can do. That means you’ll probably take an interest in things like gaming, VR, design and technology in your spare time as well, not just at study or work.

If working with VR sounds like a dream career, this could end up being a job which feels more like playtime than hard graft – even when the challenges you face are great!

TOP TIP: Being a director of any work area is quite a senior position, so aim to get work experience that builds your confidence in people, business and leadership skills too.

Becoming a Creative Director - what does it take?

You’ll need to constantly push yourself to improve the products and services the company offers.

You’ll need to love exploring new ideas and ways of thinking, because you never know what exciting new project you’ll be working on next – and what fresh challenges it could bring.

Learning and development courses and training to build your career

Wherever you are on your career path, there’ll always be something new to learn in the digital design and VR industry.

From apprenticeships and degrees to further learning courses, you’ll always be looking to improve your skills in 3D CAD (computer-aided design), user experience (UX) design, game/physics engine development and much, much more.

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