Creative Director at Pauley

How to become a Creative Director at Pauley

It’s key to have great design and programming skills to get into the kind of career where you’re creating VR products that people need and want to use.

The technical skills you’ll find it useful to build up over time – through education and the job world – include graphic design, programming, User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) design. You may also find it useful to hone your games engine and physics engine development skills, too.

At the creative director level you will also have gained confidence and experience and more business and people-based skills. These include project management, sales and business development, and team leadership.

There are lots of alternative routes into a career like this, but having an interest in design and ICT from school onwards will definitely help you on your way. You can build up the technical skills you need via a variety of university degrees or further learning courses that are related to programming or digital design. Many of the relevant technical skills can be self-taught, but remember you will need to prove what you can do on a CV. It will help if you can prove your knowledge to employers with applications you’ve created, for example.

Pauley creative director Andrew has some great tips to share about getting started:

  • Keep your mind open to a variety of jobs. Just because you have a qualification in one field, there may still be jobs you can apply for in a slightly different one.
  • When applying for a job, think of what skills and experience you have that are unique to you – something that an employer will see on a CV and make them think “I must have this person on my team”. Applying for jobs that are slightly different to your qualification can help with that.

DID YOU KNOW? You can become a virtual reality apprentice – because VR apprenticeships already exist in the UK! They will help you develop skills in useful areas like 3D/VR design and development, programming and application creation.

You can also seek digital and IT apprenticeships to get started in the world of work and help you grow into the role.

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