Creative Director at Pauley

Is a career in creative and technical design right for me?

3D CAD (computer-aided design) is a big part of what you do. This is a great career for anyone who wants to balance their creative and technical sides, because you’ll be as comfortable with design as you are with programming. If you have a passion for both art and tech, you can work on related skills and experience right now, then build up your management skills over time.

If all this sounds like a mountain you can’t wait to climb, a technical design career could be the answer. The view at the top will be great!

Perks and Challenges of being a Creative Director


  • “You can never get bored at Pauley as you simply never know what exciting new project you will be working on next,” says creative director Andrew. “It never really feels like work - experimenting with gaming technology is more like playing than work!”
  • This is a varied role where you’ll get to wear your creative design hat, your manager’s hat and your networking hat. Every day will be different!
  • Want an exciting job that makes you feel like you’re working on tomorrow’s future today? VR (virtual reality) is the future, and it’s coming into our offices and homes fast. The earlier you can get started with forward-thinkers already working with VR, the more experienced you’ll get.
  • This job lets you enjoy your art and technology sides at the same time, no need to choose between one or the other!
  • Becoming a creative director is already quite far up the career ladder, but there is still room for progression. Your ace mix of skills and experience will give you a huge amount of flexibility in future career choices. give you a huge amount of flexibility in future career choices.

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Useful skills

The following skills are very useful:

  • Technological skills – you’ll need to be confident with a range of programming and software skills. These include 3D CAD (computer-aided design), graphic design and software programming. For this particular role, an understanding of games and physics engines will come in really useful, too.
  • Problem solving skills – software can become old, or need improvements over time, because technology is always evolving. You’ll be great at applying logic and knowhow to solve any technological problems that come up, and guide your team so that everyone works together to find the best solutions quickly.
  • People skills – part of your job will include customer communications and some sales work too. When you’re not building relationships and networking with real people, you’re imagining what they most want out of a product and trying to make it a reality (this is all part of your UX or user experience activities). Communication and putting yourself in other people’s shoes are very important in this role.

People who work in this role say that the following skills and qualities are useful:

  • Creativity
  • Excellent programming skills
  • Good design skills

What qualifications do you need to be a Creative Director?

It’s an early sign that you’re a great match for this role if you love subjects like design and ICT at school. It will help you get a foot in the industry door if you keep relevant subjects like these on at school for GCSEs/A-levels or the equivalent. You can then consider following up with a programming or digital design-related university degree. You could also go on a further learning course to gain top-notch programming skills.

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What is the workplace of a Creative Director at Pauley like?

You’ll mainly be office-based because that’s where the 3D training courses are created. However, the job also involves sales, business and networking with people. As a result you might find yourself going to meetings to talk with clients and showcase demos.

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