Commercial Manager at Transport for London

What does a commercial manager do?

As a commercial manager for Transport for London (TfL) you’ll be responsible managing contracts between TfL and its service providers. This means making sure the service providers are carrying out work correctly and meeting their contractual agreements within a set time frame and to budget. Commercial managers are critical to making sure TfL and its service providers deliver value for money.

As a commercial manager, you could be working on many different contracts. Lead Manager, Zeff has worked on some exciting projects that have had a real impact on London, for example, the London Cycle Hire Scheme.

You’ll specialise depending on your expertise and experience - commercial managers are found working in many different departments, from construction to technology.

A key part of your job involves developing the business relationships between service providers and TfL and the financial management of contracts. If a service provider is not meeting expectations, you’ll have to alert them to their performance and let a more senior colleague know about the issue too.


Usually, you’ll work full-time hours, five days a week. You’ll also get the chance to travel to meetings with service providers, stakeholders and clients.

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