Commercial Manager at Transport for London

Is a career in commercial management right for me?

If you have great project management skills and are able to negotiate and build strong working relationships then a commercial management career could be a great fit for you.

You’ll be responsible for making sure that the service providers are proving a great product/service within budget and to time for TfL and its customers. You’ll also try to reduce any risks during a project by carrying out risk assessments and negotiating with stakeholders and service providers to come up with “win/win” solutions for issues. You’ll also build effective relationships with both new and existing service providers.

Interest and understanding of contractual law underpins the commercial manager role.

Perks and challenges of being a commercial manager


  • You’ll be working with all kinds of different people on different contracts. You’ll get the chance to network and be involved in some exciting projects for Transport for London.
  • You’ll negotiate with service providers to make sure that TfL are getting the best deal and in turn TfL’s customers are too. This can be a highly rewarding part of your role.


  • Sometimes you may come across issues with service providers that are more challenging to resolve. It’ll take your negotiating and project management skills to ensure that all parties are happy with the progress made.
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