Apprentice Railway Engineering Design Technician

What does an Apprentice Railway Engineering Design Technician do?

As an apprentice railway engineering design technician, you’ll be working both in an office and onsite on many different aspects of railway engineering. You’ll assist more senior engineers who design infrastructure and systems for the railway in many different projects, which could include signalling, track, communications and electrification. You’ll be involved in the design, planning and site engineering of railway engineering projects.

When working on the design aspect of railway engineering, you could be involved in surveying a site, producing design drawings using CAD (computer-aided design), assisting the development of technical solutions and using your maths skills to carry out calculations needed for the design of the railway.

You’ll also be involved in the planning of railway engineering projects. This could involve helping to project manage projects and ensuring that the design is ready in the set time frame.

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Usually, you’ll work full time hours, five days a week. When deadlines are coming up, you may be required to work later

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