Transport for London apprenticeship interview tips – how does their process work?

Applying for Transport for London apprenticeships? See our interview tips on how the process works, and give yourself a trial online ability test to prepare!

Transport for London apprenticeships for 2016 are open from 7th January, so get applying!

Transport for London are now offering apprenticeships in management, technology, business and finance, customer services, engineering, health and safety and the environment. Successful apprentices often say they see a Transport for London apprenticeship as not just a job but a career. Check out the secret diaries of TfL apprentices Hoda (project management), Daniel (civil engineering) and Omer (London Underground engineering) and you’ll see why.

Transport for London want you to feel comfortable and do your very best at interviews, so read on to see exactly what’s involved in the interview process. No nasty surprises - just a chance to do your best! They even give you a chance to practice their online ability test online before you do the real thing!

Transport for London’s interview process for apprentices comes in three stages:

Stage 1: Application form and situational strengths test What is it: Once you’ve registered with Transport for London and received your application form, you’ll be asked to complete a situational strengths test. This test gives you a number of different situations that you might experience on your apprenticeship programme. For each situation, or scenario, you’ll be asked to think about what you might do and how you might feel in that situation.

Why do it: With your answers to these questions, you can show Transport for London how you respond to certain situations. It gives them a better idea if you’d enjoy the apprenticeship.

Stage 2: Online ability testing What is it: Ability tests assess specific skills, like calculation or understanding written information. They consist of multiple choice questions and you’ll get a set amount of time to do them in (don’t worry, they’ll give you enough time!). A test normally gives you 30 minutes for 30 questions that you should feel comfortable answering in a minute or less. Before you begin, you’ll get a chance to learn more about how the test works so doing it feels like second nature. Transport for London will help you here by giving you some sample questions to complete before you the real thing.

Why do it: It’s a really useful way to show everyone how well you can understand instructions, and to show off your natural problem-solving skills. Don’t worry, you’ll do great.

Stage 3: Face-to-face assessment What is it: The final stage of the Transport for London selection process is held in London, in an assessment centre (click the link if you’re not sure what that is). Here’s where you’ll get a chance to take part in various different exercises – and Transport for London’s hot tip is to just be yourself!

Your assessment centre will include some or all of the following activities. More information will be given to you before you attend:

A competency-based interview – led by managers from the area of interest you picked for your apprenticeship, this interview gives the folk at Transport for London a feel for your potential across a range of competencies (skills) and behaviours that are important to them A group exercise – you’ll get a brief explaining what the exercise will be about, discuss the question posed and try to find solutions An ability test – similar to before, these could be technical or general ability tests A presentation – a week before the assessment centre you may get sent a question relating to the scheme you have applied for. If this happens, you’ll be asked to give your presentation on the day. Don’t worry – Transport for London will give you more information before the assessment centre day so you can be prepared and let your light shine!

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