Top careers you didn't know were mathtastic

Maths is handy in everyday life and needed in lots of your favourite future careers, too. Here are 12 mathtastic careers where adding an understanding of maths will multiply your chances.

Want to start your own business or animate a CGI movie? Here are 12 top careers where studying maths adds up.

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Do you want to...

Start your own business?

Keeping on top of your books, making business decisions and counting up your profits all need maths. Entrepreneurs need to know their numbers.

Become a fashion icon?

Fashion designers must make precise measurements, order fabrics in the right amounts and, if they’re freelance, manage their finances. Maths just might be the new black.

Make the next Inside Out?

All those Pixar and Dreamworks movies you love (as well as video games) need animators who combine maths with art to understand things like how light behaves and how balloons look when they lift a house...

Make sure houses don't fall down?

Knowing your “weigh” around forces and distances is extra important for architects. They need maths to make sure their buildings look stunning AND work brilliantly.

Know who did it?

Forensic scientists (like you see in CSI) use maths all the time to analyse crime scenes by doing things like taking measurements and studying blood patterns.

Help people?

Doctors need to be able to interpret test results and statistics before deciding on a course of treatment for their patients. Think you can do that without maths? Didn’t think so.

Help design an F1 racing car?

Aerodynamicists look at how forces affect cars and how to make them go as fast as possible. You might not get a high five from Lewis Hamilton, but you deserve one.

Create a bang?

Special effects supervisors help make movies exciting with all kinds of magical sorcery. To do this though they need maths skills to tell the computers how to create and display the effects and use advanced equipment that makes them.

Make computers better?

Computer scientists work with algorithms to make computers faster and more efficient. You’ll need to earn your maths chops if you’re thinking of taking on computer science for a living.

Crack the code?

Ethical hackers use maths (among other methods) to test security systems which protect your personal information that’s been stored online. If you upgrade your maths skills you could be The One… hacking for a living.

Fix the Feng Shui?

Interior designers make spaces in people’s homes (and at work) look beautiful. Besides creativity, they also need to have their maths skills in check to make sure their designs fit, are safe, and fit within the client’s budget.

Talk on sunshine?

Meteorologists discuss, study and predict the weather. Maths is a central part of how they predict the weather and the physics of the atmosphere so you’ll need to know how to handle your numbers - and your umbrella.

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