The Secret Diary of a TFL Apprentice - Omer (Day 1)

Thinking about becoming an apprentice? TfL apprentice Omer has been through the whole process from application to apprenticeship. In this diary entry he shares his first days at Transport for London and how it felt to become an apprentice.

Omer Omer is an LU engineering apprentice at Transport for London. This diary entry is a behind-the-scenes diary of his first days as an apprentice.

How did you feel on your first day? “Anxious and excited were just two of the emotions I felt on the morning of my first day on the apprentice. I wasn't sure what to expect.”

What did you get up to? “On the first day, I met the other engineering apprentices. I remember thinking that there was a range of people from different ages and different backgrounds. I was happy about it as it made me feel more comfortable about being an older learner.”

What advice would you give other apprentices following in your footsteps? “Always ask questions if you’re unsure - no question is a silly question”

Was it scary? “The trainers and coordinators have been very welcoming. That has made settling in smooth and I feel like I can speak to them at any time about any queries or misconceptions I may have.”

Did you meet anyone interesting? "Over the last three days of our induction we got to meet all the new apprentices from the different parts of the organisation. It was very interesting to meet some of them and to understand more about the different types of roles that are available in the organisation."

What about the big cheese? "We also got to meet some of the senior mangers and they gave us some insightful knowledge of the business and gave us a better understanding of how big an organisation this is - and that every role is an important one. It was nice to see how much effort and time they were investing in us and that made me feel important."

Any lessons from your managers? "They emphasised the importance of working as a team and networking. One thing in particular was constant and stood out: how big an opportunity this is and to make the most of it."

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