The Secret Diary of a TFL Apprentice - Hoda (Day 3)

What's it like to be an apprentice at Transport for London? In her third diary entry, apprentice Hoda tells us about her assessment, showing us a small insight into the assessment centre process.

Hoda Al Halfi is a first-year project management apprentice at Transport for London. In this series we go behind the scenes of her apprenticeship and find out what it's really like to be a TfL apprentice.

What happened after your application? "I applied to the scheme with my CV, an online application and a number of short tests. Afterwards, I was contacted through e-mail to inform me of the next steps. I was luckily invited to an assessment centre along with other potential candidates"

What was the assessment like? Were you assessed as a group? How did you feel? What kind of questions did they ask?

"The assessment lasted approximately two hours, including a group task (we were discussing importance of great customer service and what makes it great). We were then left to wait inside before being interviewed individually. I’ve always been optimistic and was positive that no matter what the outcome was, at least I tried."

How long did the application process last?

"The overall process, from submitting application to hearing the outcome, lasted around three months, so you ought to be patient!"

Any tips for people applying for apprenticeships? "I’d say give it a go! You have nothing to lose and you'll regret not applying in the first place."

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