The Secret Diary of a TFL Apprentice - Daniel (Day 2)

What's it like to be an apprentice at Transport for London? In his second diary entry, apprentice Daniel shares his diary with us, showing us how he applied for his apprenticeship and sharing tips for other people applying too.

Daniel Clifford is a civil engineering apprentice at Transport for London. This is the second in a series of behind-the-scenes diaries of his apprenticeship to find out what it's really like to be a TfL apprentice

Did you need a CV to apply? Did you already have one? "A CV was required to submit with my application, I already had a CV prepared from previous experience, and if you are unsure on how to prepare a CV you can have one written for you online if you supply your details. I used a family members CV as a template and fitted my details around it."

What were you especially pleased with in the way you applied for the apprenticeship? “I was pleased to see that there was quite a bit of choice in the engineering sector depending on what you wanted to specialise in such as Track, Civils, Signals, Fleet etc.. You were able to pick a first choice preference and a second preference in case you were unable to gain access to your first choice and I think this was a great feature as it wasn’t limiting opportunities to one decision.”

Did you feel nervous before you hit ‘send’/’apply’?

"I was a bit nervous before applying, hoping I had met all the criteria for the application questions and kept checking to see if everything had been filled out correctly with no errors so as to not come across as incompetent."

Any tips for doing a good application? One tip I would give on submitting your application would be to write up your answers to the questions in a word document first, this way you can perform spelling and grammar checks before copy and pasting it into the submission form, reassuring you that it has been filled out properly with no glaring errors that might make you look careless. You could also have someone else proof read your submission before applying to be sure that you haven’t missed anything yourself under nerves before sending it off.

Did you get any help/advice from any resources or anyone you know? I didn’t receive any help with my application as it’s you applying for the job so it is best to fill it out yourself and answer the questions honestly.

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