Degree Apprenticeships - what are they?

The Government has introduced Degree Apprenticeships to boost tech skills. Find out more...

Did you know? The Government has introduced a host of industry designed degree apprenticeships. Could they be a great next step on your career path? Let's look at the basics...

What is a degree apprenticeship? A degree apprenticeship is an apprenticeship where you get on-the-job training combined with study for a degree level qualification at the same time. It is suitable for both school leavers and young people who are currently apprentices! Is there really a degree involve? Yes, you will end up with a full honours degree (either bachelor's or master's). Your study time could be day release or block release, but that depends on how your apprenticeship is structured.

In their exam results toolkit the Government say they want it to become the norm for young people to achieve their career goals by doing an apprenticeship or doing both work and study through a higher (or degree) apprenticeship.

These degree apprenticeships coming to an employer near you are industry designed. That means they have a strong focus on engineering, manufacturing and technology! Who designs the apprenticeships? The employers and universities work together to do that.

Degree apprenticeships currently on offer include: Chartered Surveying Electronic Systems Engineering Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Software Development Defence Systems Engineering Laboratory Science Nuclear Power Systems Public Relations Digital Automotive Engineering Banking Relationship Manager Construction Which employers are offering degree apprenticeships? Employers taking part are known as Trailblazer employers. They include Capgemini, Network Rail, Accenture, BT, Atkins, Ford, Fujitsu, GlaxoSmithKline, HM Revenue and Customs, Hewlett Packard, IBM, John Lewis, Lloyds Banking Group, and Tata Consulting Services.

Who pays for the apprenticeship? Good question. The Goverment are putting funding into this so that you don't have to pay. The costs are split between the Government and the employers.

The employer offering you a place on the apprenticeship gives you a wage, and they pay towards your training and course fees. You'll get your degree apprenticeship funded, and get a wage too.

How to apply for degree apprenticeships Want to engineer a science and technology career? Apply for degree apprenticeships directly via the employers offering them.

For more info visit Find an Apprenticeship.

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