How apprentices went for Olympics gold with TfL

London’s Hammersmith flyover needed improvements in time for the 2012 Olympics. See how engineering apprentices working with TfL made a real difference!

Engineering the Hammersmith flyover project Up to 70,000 vehicles use London’s Hammersmith flyover every day and sometimes it needs extra care and attention.

When the Hammersmith flyover needed an overhaul in time for the London 2012 Summer Olympics, were engineering apprentices involved in such an important project? Absolutely, say TfL!

Apprentice engineers were asked to talk about their involvement in the project in their own words. Here’s a glimpse into the amazing work they achieved:

Bringing apprentices on board

Meetings? Design work? Helping to carry out sophisticated repairs? Apprentices were active in all these vital roles, playing their part in making decisions to help the project be a success.

“It's always been part of TfL's agenda to make sure that we bring apprentices on through all our works,” says Matthew Sercombe, TfL Head of Tunnels & Structures. “Particularly when we have high-profile projects Iike this one! It’s valuable to them but it’s also valuable to TfL and the rest of the industry in terms of getting people moving through and upwards.”

The work involved In a big construction project like this, you are likely to come across conditions you didn’t expect. For example, if you have lots of steel cables in the flyover, how can you test new ways to make them even stronger before you start building, to reduce both risks and costs? The team came up with a new way to do this by using BIM modelling to do 3D modelling and printing of the bridge and its components. One of the big aims of the project was to keep traffic flowing across the flyover even while work was being carried out, so people could still get from A to B. With careful use of closed areas and diversions, assisted by people like traffic control engineers, TfL kept traffic flowing during the whole project and assisted over forty million flyover crossings in this time! TfL School Leaver Training Programme Thinking about a career route that helps you learn while you’re getting paid to do a job and build your work skills? The TfL School Leaver Training Programme is an opportunity to get into a career that could soon have you working on projects as big as refurbishing the Hammersmith flyover!

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