Harry’s story: what it’s really like to be an Apprentice Technician in the rail industry

Harry’s met apprentices up and down the country and plays an important part in seeing if staff on site need overnight hotel stays to avoid getting fatigue. Discover what he loves best about his apprenticeship!

An apprenticeship is a great way to combine earning with learning. You’ll spend part of your time at college working towards a qualification as well gaining experience in the world of work. Read on to find out what it’s like to do an apprenticeship in the rail industry.

Harry has the important job of preparing the site folders that go out on site at the weekends. This plays a big part in helping to make sure the work is carried out safely and correctly. He’s met other railway apprentices on his journey up and down the country visiting various construction sites too! Plotr caught up with Harry to find out more about his work.

Tell us about your job…

I work at Aecom in Nottingham. At work I prepare the site folders that go out on site at the weekend. It’s a crucial part to make sure all work is carried out safely and correctly. I also produce travel risk assessments, which is a sheet explaining the risks of travelling to and from site. As some sites are five hours plus away and then workers will complete a six hour shift, the travel risk assessments tell us whether the workers need a night in a hotel to prevent fatigue.

What are the best bits about your job?

The best bit about my job is meeting such great people! In the office there are so many different people who all do different roles, but when we all work together we make the business run smoothly.

Another enjoyable part is going to college on Mondays as it’s so different compared to school and you learn relevant information, which makes it so much more enjoyable.

Since starting my apprenticeship, I’ve met loads of other apprentices from all areas of the UK, from Yorkshire to Croydon! It’s great because you’re all into the same thing and you can all talk about the same things and it makes you get along better.

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