8 careers that give you a golden glow

Here are just some of the wonderful people who keep us going about our business, whatever the weather. Find out why doing their job will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over!

  1. Track maintenance operative Golden glow factor: You help keep Britain running

Rail tracks need to be taken care of or the whole country could come to a standstill. In winter, rail companies do everything they can to keep tracks in great condition, whatever the weather. If you want a responsible, practical role that lets you work in small and friendly teams, you could keep Britain running as a track maintenance operative.

See: Network Rail

  1. Smart metering apprentice Golden glow factor: You help protect the future of energy

When winter chills come it’s tempting to turn up the heat and get cosy, but it’s also important to think about saving money and using energy wisely. That’s where smart meters come in. By 2020 every home will have a smart meter, including yours! They will help homes use energy more efficiently. As a smart metering apprentice you’ll be trained to play a vital role in transforming the way we use energy in the future.

  1. Paramedic Golden glow factor: You help Britain get back on its feet

The ambulance paramedics who arrive at emergency scenes have one of the most fast-paced roles around when it’s time for them to spring into action. From choppy chills to slippery snowy surfaces, there are all kinds of reasons why people might need paramedics in winter more than other times of year. Your skills and dedication help Britain get back on its feet in emergencies – sometimes literally.

  1. Transport planner Golden glow factor: You help people get from A to B (with no detours to Z)

Who decides how to build roads, railway lines and air transport routes in a way that makes travel safe, green and easy? You do! Who knows if lowering the speed limit near a school will be safer for students or create huge traffic jams? You do! As a transport planner your fantastic problem-solving skills make it that little bit easier for people to visit family over Christmas.

  1. HGV driver Golden glow factor: You can deliver the goods, whatever it takes

‘HGV’ stands for Heavy Goods Vehicle, like the Christmas Coke lorry (you know, the one that’s all lit up and drives round these lands but once a year, spreading fizzy Christmas cheer). As an HGV driver you control the biggest thing on the roads, and with big vehicles comes big responsibility. Even heavy snows can’t stop you from making your deliveries. You’re basically Santa!

  1. Materials engineer Golden glow factor: You’re literally the future of fashion

Why are umbrellas rainproof? Why does wool keep us so warm? Materials engineers ask themselves questions like this every day. It’s their job to test and create new materials that can be used in anything from fashion to manufacturing. Imagine a great-looking coat that keeps you cool in summer and cold in winter! That’s the sort of magic you’ll come up with in your labs, and you’ll get a glow of satisfaction when you walk down a street and see everyone wearing your work...

  1. Mechanic Golden glow factor: Can you fix it? Yes you can...

People still need to get around when the weather is cold and the roads are slippery with ice. The odds are high that vehicles are going to break down over the winter period and it can be an especially busy time for mechanics! The look of gratitude on someone’s face when you fix their car in anemergency will give you a real golden glow. You’ll feel like you gave them the best present ever.

  1. Air traffic controller Golden glow factor: You’ve always got it under control

Do you love planes, planes, planes? Have you got decent maths skills and cat-like reflexes? Guiding planes to take off and land is an even trickier mission when there’s danger of fog, snow and storms... but you’re paid incredibly well to ensure those planes make it super-safely to their destinations, whatever the weather.

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