4 jobs with HS2 to transport you into the future

The new HS2 railway mega-project will create thousands of jobs and some of them are more futuristic than you’d think!

The new HS2 railway mega-project will create thousands of jobs and some of them are more futuristic than you’d think!

HS2 is the proposed new high-speed railway network joining London to other major cities across the UK. It will create thousands of new jobs across the country.

Some of these roles you might have come across when travelling on the train, like train drivers and customer service assistants. Others you may not have heard of will use technology to get Britain moving at high speed! Let’s take a closer look…

Get mapping

HS2 GIS Technician:

Ever heard of GIS mapping? HS2 use GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to show lots of different kinds of information about an area on a map. For example, you can show what kind of soil an area has, or where things like schools, farms or streams are.

HS2 use GIS mapping to help answer complex questions about the new high-speed railway. GIS technicians will analyse the railway design against environmental features to better understand the impact on things like biodiversity, heritage, waterways and what local people will see and hear when the railway is completed. GIS technicians will look for risks by creating maps and models of the area where the railway will be, showing the possible risks of the new railway. HS2 will then work out what the best steps would be to take to ensure that the railway is environmentally safe before starting construction.

Get planning

HS2 Route Engineer:

HS2’s route will need to be carefully thought out and planned, as it’s the biggest project of its kind in Britain. A high-speed railway needs a line that is as straight as possible, so the trains can travel at top speed in order to transport people across the UK in record time. A route engineer plans out the route and also considers its impact on the environment, how much it will cost and how to keep it safe.

As HS2 is the biggest project of its kind, the community will want to see the planned route to raise any questions they may have. A route engineer at HS2 will use technology combined with technical knowledge to show the planned route, stations and depots. They may use interactive maps to show where HS2 plan to construct the new high-speed railway. As well as this, a route engineer may use technology to develop technical designs that will be the first stages of planning.

Get investigating

HS2 Ground Investigation Engineer:

Bit unsure about what ground investigation (GI) involves? GI gives designers and engineers the information they need about the ground where the planned building of tunnels, bridges and other structures will be. It’s all connected with geotechnics, which is all about the way engineering and the ground affect each other.

A ground investigation engineer will use technology to investigate the ground and pick out any potential issues with construction. As HS2 is the biggest project of its kind, everyone involved will need to be sure of its impact on the environment, including the ground.

Get designing

HS2 customer experience designer

HS2’s designers don’t just create new products – they’re interested in shaping every moment of a journey. What’s the first thing you see when you arrive at the station? What’s your first impression when you get on board the train? Great design can influence how people think and feel. Customer experience designers work out how to make that happen.

Research is really important: listening to what people want, and seeing the world through their eyes. Like all good designers, they test their ideas and know how to choose the best ones. The aim is to help engineers to put passengers at the heart of the design. You need creative ideas – but ideas that actually work!

Most of all, you have to think ahead. HS2’s trains and stations don’t even exist yet, so HS2 is looking into the future, and planning for customers who’ll be travelling in 10, 20 or even 50 years’ time.

HS2 careers

Are you interested in creating real change? Using technology to put the passenger in control? HS2 needs people from every background, with a huge range of skills – everything from business and technology to engineering and design.

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